Pet Bird 3 Colored Ball Bites Toy Parrot Chew Ball Toys For Parrots Swing Hanging Bells Toy For Cockatiel Birds Cage Supplies in Bird Toys from Home Garden

Pet Bird 3 Colored Ball Bites Toy Parrot Chew Ball Toys For Parrots Swing Hanging Bells Toy For Cockatiel Birds Cage Supplies in Bird Toys from Home Garden
Pet Bird 3 Colored Ball Bites Toy Parrot Chew Ball Toys For Parrots Swing Hanging Bells Toy For Cockatiel Birds Cage Supplies in Bird Toys from Home Garden
Pet Bird 3 Colored Ball Bites Toy Parrot Chew Ball Toys For Parrots Swing Hanging Bells Toy For Cockatiel Birds Cage Supplies in Bird Toys from Home Garden
Pet Bird 3 Colored Ball Bites Toy Parrot Chew Ball Toys For Parrots Swing Hanging Bells Toy For Cockatiel Birds Cage Supplies in Bird Toys from Home Garden
Pet Bird 3 Colored Ball Bites Toy Parrot Chew Ball Toys For Parrots Swing Hanging Bells Toy For Cockatiel Birds Cage Supplies in Bird Toys from Home Garden
Pet Bird 3 Colored Ball Bites Toy Parrot Chew Ball Toys For Parrots Swing Hanging Bells Toy For Cockatiel Birds Cage Supplies in Bird Toys from Home Garden

Product Specification

Type: Birds

Material: Plastic


Product Description:
Item Type:Bird Toy
Color:As the picture
Size(ball): 8cm/3.15"

1. This bell ball adopts environmentally friendly plastic, it is safe and non-toxic.
2. The squeaky bell can make the clear and beautiful bells when shaking to arouse the curiosity of birds and bring happiness for them.
3. This toy is suitable for small and medium pet birds to use.
4. With a clasp at the top, it can be fixed in the cage, on the tree or other places.
5. It just contains one bell ball and one chain, but it is a fun toy for the bird while is a good decor for the cage.

Package Include:
1 x bird toy

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